UKCA was founded on the concept that the success of a law firm is tired to the success of its clients and on understanding that such combined success can only be achieved through commitment to excellence. The firm is attuned to the work culture of large corporate clients and their expectations. Our clients benefit from the legal and technical skills and industry specific know-how and experience of our lawyers and professionals. Through our association with the best in the industry, we have developed a sophisticated insight in to international best practice in multifarious areas of law, business, economics etc.

We believe what sets us apart from many other law firms is that we have built a reputation by always being available to our client combined with a vigorous and aggressive approach launched from variety of perspectives. The combination of sensitivity to the needs of clients and providing high quality legal services has been the benchmark of our success.

Our mission at UKCA is to provide need-based, one stop legal resource for anything, anywhere, anytime. We have organized ourselves to ensure and provide timely and personalized advice to our clients. We strive to provide the best legal experience and ethics based on the clients requirements and provide them with a single point of contact in the firm, so as to ensure timely and personalized advice and all legal services under one roof. Every firm employee will at all times, act with honesty and with integrity and will exude confidence, pride and enthusiasm for each client, other law professionals, the firm and the legal profession in general.