Corporate Litigation

The firm has handled corporate litigation involving mergers and acquisitions, shareholders disputes, corporate disputes, corporate insolvency and restructuring, corporate economic offences, contractual disputes, public offerings and other general corporate litigation. The firm is renowned for their work before the Hon’ble Company Law Board, BIFR, AAIFR, Competition Commission, Reserve Bank of India, SEBI and SAT etc.


The firm’s litigation team consists of lawyers who have requisite experience in solving legal problems, i.e. preventive litigation and also specialize in original and appellate civil/ constitutional/ taxation litigation. The firm’s lawyers have been appearing regularly before the Supreme Court of India and other courts and are credited with assisting the courts in cases where authoritative propositions of law have been laid down. The firm’s lawyers have made appearances before various governmental authorities including the Reserve Bank of India, the National Stock Exchange, the Bombay Stock Exchange and other Exchanges in India at Delhi, Chennai, Kanpur, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Ludhiana. The firm is also equipped for representing clients before all judicial, quasi-judicial and administrative authorities in India.


We at UKCA possess vast experience in the field of commercial arbitration. The firm has substantial expertise in the law of arbitration and has successfully represented Indian corporations in domestic arbitrations arising from contractual disputes, license agreements, security transactions, real estate projects, IPOs, power and infrastructure projects, insurance contracts, etc. The team at UKCA has also represented clients at international arbitrations in various countries and is well versed with all the legal, procedural and regulatory compliances needed for various arbitral forums and chambers.


We at UKCA understand the need to provide comprehensive private or court directed mediation services to help resolve conflicts as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We provide mediation services for all kinds of disputes. As lawyers, we draft all of the paperwork necessary to finalize a settlement agreement between parties. Our goal is to assist you to most effectively, comfortably, and confidently represent yourself in mediation.