UKCA is one of the leading advisors to public and private companies on mergers and acquisitions. The firm’s results-oriented lawyers seek innovative solutions that make transactions faster, smoother, and less costly. The firm employs an integrated cross-disciplinary approach that spans many of the firm’s numerous practice areas, from tax, securities, corporate governance and labour to real estate, intellectual property, environmental, antitrust and other regulatory fields. For leveraged transactions or those involving refinancing of debt, the firm’s finance attorneys offer experience in a wide range of vehicles, including unsecured and secured lending, senior and mezzanine lending, derivatives, and securitizations.

UKCA has represented a wide variety of institutional, company and entrepreneurial clients, including public and private corporations and investment groups, in strategic and financial acquisitions, divestitures and investments. The Firm’s clients and experience span every major industry, real estate, banking, biotechnology, defence and energy to information technology, telecommunications and utilities.

The Firm has done considerable pioneering and innovative legal work for several transactions in this rapidly expanding area. We at UKCA specialize in the following branches of  M&A: –

  • Merger, De-merger & Reverse Merger.
  • Sale of Shares & Asset Acquisition.
  • Restructuring & Takeover through Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR).
  • Preparing schemes of Rehabilitation and financial package; and processing the same.
  • Open Offer Takeovers including Hostile Takeovers under SEBI takeover code.
  • Asset Acquisition through De-mergers and Legal Proceedings.
  • Acquisition through Court Proceedings and in Liquidation.
  • Strategic Disinvestment by Government of India.