UKCA offers the National and International Telecom Players a clear insight and understanding of the regulatory, legal and technological aspect, for the purpose of the launch and operations of services by them. UKCA has a special knowledge board comprising of individual professionals who brings with them rich experience of over two decades of their associations with the telecom industry and whose knowledge and expertise in this budding sector is unmatchable. The Services offered by UKCA are listed below: –

  • Assistance to acquire various Telecom License issued by the competent authority. From filing of Application for license to final issuance of the same we take care of every aspect of the matter.
  • Specialists and game theorists: UKCA provide necessary guidance for investments and commercial exploitation and also provide assistance in relation to the Emerging Technologies like VoIP, IPTV, MOBILE TV, WiMAX and other wireless broadband technologies.
  • UKCA expertise in dealing with issues related to spectrum and severe disagreements between Government (Spectrum Allocation Authority) and telecom operators and within operators.
  • We advise on timing, suitable partners and finalize necessary agreements in relation to Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO).
  • We provide safeguards for the content owners and the services providers using their own network or someone else’s network in relation to the Contents & Digital Right management.
  • We front end such delicate negotiations and finalize deals with companies to which an operator has to collaborate in providing interconnects and share infrastructure both passive (towers, repeaters, shelters and generators) and active (antennas, feeder cables, nodes, radio access network, transmission and backhaul system).
  • In the Field of law related to telecom Industry, we cover all the areas i.e. Telecom Laws and Policies, Cyber Laws, Corporate & Commercial Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, Dispute Settlements (Between Licensor and licensees, between operators and between service provider and a group of Consumers), Arbitration, Consumer Laws.